Thursday, July 31, 2008

House Sitting

One of my new favorite things to sit. This last weekend we were house sitting for Heather's folks and it was a blast. I felt like we were at a bed and breakfast place.

The one thing that sucks about house sitting is when one of the animals you are looking after disappears. When we went to put the chickens away one evening, one of them was missing...never showed up.

Other than that we had a great time, they have the sweetest dogs that look a lot like Joei, to the untrained eye. (This is Lily, not Joei--hard to tell eh?)

Monday, July 28, 2008

cousin time and acronyms

We took Mom and Dad to PDX for another 2 months in Latvia (LV).

The car ride was a blast, as we had Cousin Wubby with us.

After we dropped Mom and Dad off, we stopped by IKEA, funny all we bought was ice cream and a cinnamon roll.

After IKEA we perused REI for a while, then headed back home for some good old fashioned KFC dinner.

We each got the Big Box Meal, we couldn't finish it all.

Family Ball

When all the Kelley's get together for din-din, we call it family ball. With Mom and Dad in Latvia so much and Emma and Phil having an early bedtime, it's a special occasion when we can all get together. After an amazing team-effort meal we had a bon fire.

Jericho helping with the bon fire set up.
All the kids playing with the grandkids.

I think Jenn is communicating with Emma.

After Emma and Phil went to bed, the rest of us played in the hot tub with the waterproof features of our digital camera. (Funny joke to "drop" said waterproof camera in hot tub, while one person in the hot tub does not know it is safe to do so.)
Jericho wants to play in the hot tub too.
This is what happens when I try to kiss Scotty.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Herma, legs, water and cameras

We were able to have dinner with Herma this week. She was in the country visiting family and friends, and we were on her list. We had a GREAT meeting, this was the first time we had actually met her. We talked plans with her regarding our stay in Senegal. We told laughed, drank wine, ate an incredible meal (thanks Fiona and Beka) and just got to to know each other. She is excited about us coming to Senegal and, in some way, getting to meet her and talk these plans with her made the trip all the more real to us. She was able to share some encouraging words, which came at the perfect time.

Friday, July 25, 2008

bleaching party?!

I am wanting to bleach my dreads blonde for summer, anyone want to help me?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

cameras DO mix well with water

In preparation for our move to Senegal we got a new camera, one that can withstand the shock, sand and.....water...that's right, up to 30 feet under, baby. This one is half in water, half out of water.After celebrating the feat that is science, we went to Pete and Jenn's to BBQ a pizza, thanks Wubby.
What else goes well with BBQ'd pizza than sushi?Jenn has nice mood lighting.

Friday, July 18, 2008

We're moving to Senegal

As you may know we are both actively involved with our church, Doxology, here in Corvallis. Scotty's brother, Pete, also the lead pastor of the church, rescently went on a trip to Senegal, Africa where he met with several organizations, asking each of them what sort of practical needs they had that Doxology could partner with them in getting filled. One of the places they visited was in Malika, a suburb of the capital city of Senegal, Dakar. The organization is called the Malika Monkeys and they are a school of sorts. What they do is take in young Senegal men and train them for a period of about 2 years in practical skills that they can use to support themselves once they leave the Monkeys. Here is an example of their classrooms were they teach subjects such as basic business skills and English.Additionally, practical skills such as wood and metal workmanship are also taught so the young men can be self-sufficient. Here is our friend, Walker, learning how to play on the drums the men have made.The leader of the Monkeys, Herma (pictured above), told Pete they needed people with these specific skills to help them as the organization is growing. Specifically they need help in the workshops, help revamping their bookkeeping system, and help teaching English. Pete immediately thought of us as both of us have unique experience in these areas. We will be living on the grounds of the Malika Monkey's. These are huts that short term missionaries stay in at Malika. There is also a house for Herma and another house which is where we will be staying, sorry no pictures of our house.Since Pete first approached us about this opportunity in March/April, then many things in life have been working out so that we would be free of our committments here and be able to go to Senegal to volunteer with the Malika Monkeys. Our plan is to go the begining of October 2008, that's just 3 months from now, and stay for a year.

We have been saving and Doxology will be helping us with a portion of our financial needs, however there is still a need for funds to cover up front costs as well as our monthly expenses. What we need: airline tickets aprox. $2,200 each for a total of aprox. $4,400 to get to Senegal, our monthly expenses will be approximately $$700 a month, this will cover, our food, transportation, rent, medical insurance, ect.

If you would be interested in giving toward our upfront expenses or our on going expenses, or both, OR if you would like to receive regular updates (via email or regular mail), just leave a comment on the blog and we can get you additional information. If you do choose to financially support us, all gifts ar tax deductible and will be routed through Doxology.

We will keep the blog as updated as possible both in the upcoming months and while we are in Senegal. Here are some additional photos of the area to give you a better idea of where we will be.

Hammock between the trees on the grounds.
Malika is close to the beach. It's a nice walk from the Monkey's grounds.
It naturally gets very hot in Malika, the grounds has a pool for cooling off, here is Pete and the rest of the team that went earlier this year relaxing by/in the pool.
The Monkey grounds are enclosed for privacy and security. This is one of the gates into the grounds.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

cool new blog

Dox crew, you remember Sarah Reichner from earlier Dox days? She did a lot of outdoors stuff with Scotty and I and then moved to Eugene to do Youth for Christ.

Well, she and her REALLY tall husband, Ray, are in Japan and I thought since she is part of the Dox community we should add her to the blog family.

Check them out using the link on the right "Ray and Sarah" or if you're lazy just click here:
Send them a shout out, they kind of miss home.

Monday, July 07, 2008

new job

I got a new job! Since Jaimie was posting about a new job I thought I would too. I have been at CARDV (Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence). I am the Assistant to the Developemen Director, which basically means I try to help out with admin stuff whenever I can and for whoever I can.

My exposure to CARDV had been limited to the stickers that are on the back of bathroom stalls at OSU. They are a really great non-profit that does some pretty cool work in some pretty crappy situations. I have been here 3 weeks and am enjoying it. I get to play dress up, I haven't worn "business casual" since the airline days, so I am actually enjoying that. I am sure the novelty will wear off eventually, but for now it's fun.

Friday, July 04, 2008

I want my very own lake

Family way-cation at Lake Tapps. Jenna and Jenn already posted so many good pictures, I will try to fill in some of the gaps.
First: super hero gadets...Scotty on his super hero jet surfboard.
Pete and Phil on their super hero jet skis.
Uncle Wubbi and his super hero...?
Emma and her super hero taxi.
Sisters and our super hero taco.
Jenna signaling that our boat is broken.
Sad, because our boat is broken.
Phil towing said broken boat to safety.
Happy, because Phil rescued us.
Jenna rocking the jet ski.
Capt. Scotty
Family camp fire.
Mt. Rainier.