Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I guess a lot has happened in 2 weeks.

So it turns out I had more time to blog in Senega, than I do in America...odd.

Sorry for being super lame and not keeping up, BUT here's what's been going on in the last 2 weeks.

Joei!!! Need I say more? I LOVE this dog, I have MISSED this dog, she is the best dog in the world.

And, THIS is what she thinks about us, clearly we are more devoted to her than she is to us.

Crystal got a job. Started on Tuesday, she is the Development Director for CARDV (Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence). We are VERY excited about this.

Emma had another birthday!!! This time she's 2!

So we had a little party...

...which was VERY grown up with fancy fondue and such.

Emma didn't understand that it was a fancy party so she stood on her seat the whole time.

And THIS is how Emma dressed for the occasion. What? She's 2, she can do what she wants.

Happy, happy lady!!!

We also went to a couple of Beaver games. One sad, one happy.

Crystal played a show with Casey.

Casey liked the crowd.

The crowd liked Casey back.

It's good to be back singing again.

Herma came for a visit and rocked our world (more of that once I get Herma to send us pictures).

We've spent time with our long lost friends. So good just to chill.

Went to visit Crystal's brother's place that he is developing. Joei thought it was cool.

Brother on the back hoe.

Aww, we just like each other.

Ate some awesome food at a hole-in-the-wall place in Brownsville.

Caught a few sunsets.

In a nut shell, that's been our world.

What have YOU been doing?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lake Tapps--Day Three

Well, the camera spent most of today in a bag full of rice to try and draw the moisture OUT of the camera. The bad news: not a lot of pictures from today. The good news: we think the camera is working now. Needless to say, we aren't taking it into the water until we get it checked out, but a normal camera is better than no camera.

Crystal doing a little "work" posting pictures on the web and checking the all important TV schedule so we can watch the premier of The Office.

The weather has been holding out beautifully, so the boys decided to go golfing at one of the 10 clubs near the lake.

The Kelley brothers on their golfing outing...aren't they cute.

Scotty won the golf, he had the high score. Go Baby!!!
Part of the fun of family time is that each night a different couple makes dinner. Last night was out turn and we make everyone a Senegalese dish--Domada, which is fried fish meat balls, served in a tomato base sauce with cooked veggies over a bed of white rice. We served it traditional style with a communal plate.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lake Tapps--Day Two

The weather has held out beautifully for us here at Lake Tapps. Yesterday was a full day of sun. We started the day out with a wonderful breakfast on the veranda.

Jenna was bonding with new baby niece, Ellie.

This is the view from the house. I love the boys playing frisbee on the lawn.

Pete and Emma have new tricks: they are cheerleaders now.

Cousins on the trampoline.

Crystal with Shamu.

Our castle for the weekend. LOVELY.

Sisters on the floating trampoline: Tiny Asian and Tiny Hippy.

Scotty and Crystal went out on the lake early before there were a lot of waves. The lake was super glassy, nice!!

There are few things you need in life: a jet ski is one of them. Some of our earliest memories together before we dated were on a jet ski in the Tadmor days. Being on a jet ski for the first time in over a year was outstanding.

More sister time reading: Tiny Asian and Baby Mama.

Emma with trampoline static hair: the latest fall fashion.

Jenna and Seth on the big boat.

Emma and Jenn on the big boat. Emma even went with Pete on the tube behind the boat, but the waterproof camera apparently has a leak because none of the pictures worked.

Our fearless captain: Phil.

Pete is our lookout on the front of the boat.

And THIS is the point in the day when the camera broke. Hopefully, all it needs is a good air dry. Aparently, when they said "waterproof" camera they didn't take into account a year in Africa.

More soon.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family Vacay at Lake Tapps--Day One

We are off on our Kelley Family Vacation 2009 at Lake Tapps. This is the 3rd (?) year that we have been at this wonderful lake house right on Lake Tapps. We are so excited to spend time with family and hopefully catch some sun.

Scotty has been LOVING driving in the states, so much that he hasn't let me drive when we are both in the car. I'll let him win this one, he's so cute.

We have been drinking A LOT of water since returning from Senegal. We got matching water bottles and they were cuddling for the drive.

Driving through PDX for the first time in a year, man it looks different than Dakar.

Trying so hard to wish the sun into making an appearance.

The Bad

Emma and Jenna trying to watch a movie. Emma got bored.

Jenn, cooking and being a model all at the same time.
Pete and Jenn making us a LOVELY meal, thanks guys!

That's all for day one...more to come.

Monday, September 14, 2009

One week in America

Well, we have been back in the US for just over a week now AND we have a new charger for our camera.

Here's what we have been up to:

Scotty at the Dakar airport getting ready to leave Senegal.

Getting picked up from the airport, pictured with Crystal's sister and nieces.

Driving for the first time in a year.

Tailgaiting at the first home Beaver game.

Meeting our newest neice.

Sister camping at the Oregon beach.

Spending lots of quality time with the dogs.