Sunday, March 22, 2009


We were all enjoying a relaxing Friday, trying to get some last minute products finished before the weekend when all of a sudden we heard a big crash come from the front of the property.

So, naturally, we all went to see what happened and this is what we found.

Nice, eh?  Apparently, a sand truck (dump truck full of sand that is illegally taken from the beach) was turning the corner and as is customary for vehicles that are super heavy and can easily kill someone, the breaks were...not broken--full on missing.

Needless to say, they didn't make the corner and they took out our wall instead.

Welcome to Senegal!!!

P.S. Don't worry about robbers, we tied up this beauty by the wall to protect us, don't let her fool you, she CAN be furocious!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

calling ALL artists

Do you want to make a difference in Africa, but you are starving artist so you don't know how?

I have a job for you...

We need easy to understand drawn instructions of how to thread a ring sling... THIS video.

I am thinking 3-4 little pictures that show how to thread the ring on the sling and how the sling is properly oriented on the body.  

We will then take the drawings and use them to make a little instruction card to attach to the baby ring slings that one of the Senegalese we are working with in Malika is making

This is a request for pro-bono for this guy...
...isn't he cute?

Let me know by email...or whatev.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

.just sweet.

Chaco has continued to get used to us humans, here she is trying to figure out Scotty's pants.  They are so different from the hair she is used to.And then we have our bedtime routine, super sweet.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

saying goodbye

It's interesting how in such a short time you can make friends.  We had to say goodbye to Nathan last week.  He was working with a French missionary couple in Dakar, but was able to come spend some time with us monkeys.  He was a great guy to have around and he will be missed.  

His host family threw a little going away party which we were honored to be able to attend. Here he is with Djibi in his fancy Senegalese outfit.

Herma and Djibi, matching monkeys.
The delicious dinner we enjoyed: Brazillian food, prepared by Senegalese IN Senegal, nice!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

arts and crafts time

Something Crystal has been working on here in Malika is:
1) developing new products for the Monkeys and 
2) developing a catelog (both online and printed) to advertize the products

After many failed attempts here is a little taste of a little sucess in both these areas.  
This is a close up of a cosmetic bag that Crystal made.

This is a possible catelog page promoting the item.

P.S. If you find spelling errors in the posts, please be kind, for some reason the spell checker thinks I am writing in French.

Friday, March 13, 2009

?where is the love?

Chaco and Crystal were bonding the other day, it's pretty sweet, check it out!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

the Swiss are gone

Our Swiss friends, Samba and Andrea left last week.  
Samba bought a sheep to throw a big BBQ Senegalese style.
This is not your mom's grocery store where you can buy meat pre-packaged.
After cleaning and gutting the sheep the boys showed us how to cook the meat by burrying it in the sand and lighting a fire on top of it.
8 hours later they dug it up.
And then they got all the sand off it, and the paper that it roasted in.  We were all curious, so we watched them do the hard work.
And then we ate it with our hands and it was GOOD.
Bye Sambali and Andrea, you will be missed.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

American/Swiss Fondu

Scotty's mom was wonderful enough to send us a little homemade fondu kit.
Foolishly, we left the Swiss in charge of making the fondu.  We were told that they had made fondu before, but what they forgot to mention is that they never made it from scratch...only from a pre-made block o-cheese that they just melted.  Needless to say the kitchen was in an uproar.
Micah didn't know what to make of all the commotion.
Things got especially heated when Scotty added an egg to the end of the fondu pot (this is normal, but the Swiss were offended).
But, all in all, the evening was a sucess...the Americans and the Dutch/Senegalese, and one of the Swiss liked the fondu, and we went to bed with full tummies, so we can't complain. 
Thanks Nancy, we LOVED it!!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Little something, something!

We wanted to share with you guys a little more of what our world is like here.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The parents meet the Island

We took the parents and the Swiss to the famous Goree Island while they were visiting.
We went to all the normal sites, the slave house.  Here is Crystal's mom with our Swiss friend Andrea checking out the holding areas in the house.
Some kids playing on our walk to the top of the Island, the Castle.
Crystal got suckered into buying some jewlery by Marie Anne.

Artists lined up their work on the walkway to the top of the island.

This is one of Crystal's favorite ways artist display their work.

At the Castle, there are some old military guns.  Here Sandro (the other Swiss) and Crystal's dad, Vern are playing.

The gears that make the guns move, pretty amazing.

Some of the bunkers for the guns were empty and being used as hotel/camping sites for locals and tourists.

One of the views from the top of the island.

.something to hold you over.

We have been enjoying our pet monkey, Chaco and we thought you guys would enjoy some of her antics.  We'll post more about Crystal's parent's trip soon. 

Love you guys!!!