Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Colin Powell wins!

Team: Colin Powell, the boys were victorious again, winning their second game 9-7.
The Ladie Colin Powell's showed their support by sporting t-shirts and supporting their men.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

rafting in october...normal

This is the crew that braved the cold of the Santiam River.

Last weekend Scotty and I took a crew from Doxology rafting...this is perfectly normal activity in October. The weather was perfect; it was sunny and semi-warm, we all had a great time.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dodgeball Schedule, Fall '05

Here is the schedule for the adult city league dodgeball games. All games are at Linus Pauling Middle School (formerly Highland Middle School) which is located on Highland and Circle, next to the Corvallis Aquatic Center. Bring your spirit and cheer on Colin Powell!

WON 9-7 Game #2 Tues. Oct. 25th @ 7 PM
WON 9-5 Game #3 Tues. Nov. 1st @ 9 PM
WON ?-? Game #4 Mon. Nov. 7th @ 8 PM
WON 8-5 Game #5 Tues. Nov. 15th @ 9 PM
LOST 5-9 Game #6 Tues. Nov. 29th @ 7 PM
Forfeited WIN Game #7 Tues. Dec. 6th @ 9 PM
--- Game #8 Mon. Dec. 12th @ 8 PM

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Colin Powell and Dodgeball

The boys had their first dodgeball game of the season last night. Their team "Colin Powell" (formerly O'Doyle Rules) was undefeated last season and started this season out strong.

The game started with a tight 1-1 score at the end of the second match. But the boys pulled ahead strong and ended the game with an astounding 13-1 WIN.

We will keep you updated as the season progresses, go Colin Powell!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Brother cuts the tape in Latvia.

My brother, Brian, has been volunteering in Latvia off and on over the last year and a half. He has been working on the design, construction, and other technical details of the first Christian recording studio in Latvia, AKA Project Nehemiah.

September 24th was the dedication ceremony for the studio. He was honored for his sacrifice and service; and helped cut the tape for the opening of the studio.

Currently he is finishing the final touches on our good friends Metanoia's album, then he will be coming home end of this week. We are all very excited to have him back.
(to read more on Project Nehemiah or Metanoia use links on the side)