Friday, October 30, 2009

Yet another reason to be an REI member

One of my new favorite websites: had this to post. It's a full on copy, so all credit is due to the above website.
photo by pepe.dino

REI is offering one free ski or snowboard hot wax to
REI members. Just bring your board or skis in to an REI near you now through November 15th so you'll be ready to carve those slopes!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who dunnit?

These pictures are blatantly stolen from Denny and Abby, so this post is more for the non-Dox crew who have no idea who Denny and Abby are. (Thanks for the pics guys).

We were invited to one of those mystery dinner things. It was awesome, we got to dress up in costumes, which I will get to later, and eat great food while trying to figure out which one of us killed a fictional character.

This is us sitting around the table trying to figure stuff out. We each only had a little bit of information so it really was confusing to try and figure stuff out since the actually killer didn't even know it until the big reveal at the end of the evening.

Scotty's goofy, but that's why I love him.

Well, Denny and Abby are goofy too. Abby was "Scoop" a reporter, Denny was "Harrow" a DA (District Attorney).

By the end of the evening, we all got a little crazy, but it's okay, we are all married. Scotty was "Billy the Kid Thrower" a star pitcher for the Kings Baseball team. Crystal was "Torchy" a jazz singer.

The whole crew. BTW, the scene was set in old Chicago.

Jaimie was "Silky" a "brothel" owner, but don't say that to her face, and Ryan was "Eddie" a slick dealing golfer guy.

Tom was "Ernie" a millionaire gambler, and Sam was "Molly" an up-town, well to do girl from NY.

And that's all. Buh-bye!

Friday, October 16, 2009

my new favorite site

for those of you interested in being socially, environmentally, etc responsible, I have a site for you to check out:

Better World Shopper:

This give you a quick list of best companies for consumable products. If you want your daily dollar to make a difference check these guys out.

The homepage tells you how they priorities their causes to get the companies they did.

I challenge us all to try and stay in the A/B grade range!

For all you iPhone peeps out there, you can get:
  • the electronic book version on your phone for quick and easy all the time access for $8. Get it through Kindle via Amazon.
  • or the app for $2, search for "Better World Shopper". I have it, I dare you to.

    Here's a sample of stuff we probably all use:
    Yay for local credit unions.

    We should probably just give up fast food all together for SO MANY obvious reasons.


    Dang, looks like I have to revamp my future clothing purchases. Bummer.

it's a dog's life

A couple of weeks ago, Crystal took Joei to the local water park which opened up it's doors to only dogs.

It was amazing. All these dogs just loving all the water and toys. Needless to say they closed the water slide.

Joei did more drinking of the water than swimming in it.

But eventually, she did brave the water.

And when she did she was so proud "Hey, look at me!!!"

There were a ton of dogs there and Joei did a great job of coming and healing and obeying. And a fair amount of just running wild...what? she's a good dog, she deserves to cut loose a little.