Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day

Celebrated Crystal's birthday by heading up to the mountain for a long weekend of snow shoeing.
The warming cabin we stayed the night it. It's a public building, so you never know what type of roomates you will have for the night. Beautiful weather, you can see the snow falling in the picture if you look closely.
Joei trying to lay claim to one of our beds for the night. The warming cabin has wood heat and an outhouse. A great way to relax away from the conveniences of modern life.
Lots of snow to melt for drinking/cooking. Stay away from the yellow snow.
A peak at the valley. The warming cabin is on a bluff looking over the valley. You can't tell fromt he photo but it snowed about of foot of powder each night. Hiking out was beautiful, but still a good work out even though it was down hill.
Joei did FABULOUS. She had hip surgery in Aug and is a real trooper. She put up with a 7 hour day of hiking just fine, though she did snore that night.
More to come...