Wednesday, November 03, 2004

new member of the family

Ahhh-Ha...made you look. Some of you will be relieved, some disapointed but the fact remains, we got a dog...(not a small child).

Many of you may have heard stories about our cat, “Puppy”. You will be excited to hear that we have expanded our family by adding a REAL dog. (No, her name is not “Kitty”.) About three weeks ago we got “Joei” from one of Crystal’s friends from work. She is a golden lab/great dane mix, about a year old, and has LOTS of energy. She eats everything. We lose more socks to her than we lose to the dryer. We are training Joei to wear a “doggie backpack” so she can hold her own while we’re camping.

Puppy and Joei are still learning how to be polite to each other. Puppy thinks Joei is trying to kill her while Joei thinks Puppy’s swats and hisses are just in play. We are learning patience and conflict resolution. Please pray for them (and us).