Saturday, February 05, 2005

Look out we come

Doxology has several mission trips coming up this spring and summer. They include “teRiga” and the Art Camp that BBI is putting on, helping in a medical clinic in Honduras, and building houses in Tijuana, Mexico.

We will be going on the Mexico trip which will be our first mission trip together as a married couple. We are thrilled. We have both built houses in Mexico in the past with The Hub, Peter’s old youth group. Crystal went a few years ago and Scotty has gone several times. Last year he was able to use his work experience to lead the construction of one of the houses. He was in charge of 15 awesome high school students for the week. They built a home for a family of six in only five days.

The homes we build are very simple. They are 20’ by 11’ with two rooms, two small windows, stucco siding, and a cement floor. The cement and stucco is all mixed and poured by hand, and all the wood is cut with a handsaw. To us the house seems primitive, but to the families it is a dream come true.
We will go to Mexico during Spring Break (March 19-26). The total cost of this trip is $800 for both of us. All of these funds will cover travel expenses and building materials for the house.
We’ve been looking forward to this trip, for the past several months. We have been setting money aside to cover our lost income during our week serving in Mexico.
We would welcome your involvement with us in this mission outreach. Below are some ways you can help us.
Scotty and Crystal

Ways to help with Mexico:
· Pray for our safety during travel and construction.
· Pray for the families that we will be interacting with in Mexico.
. Financial support: Checks can be made payable to Doxology and sent to us.