Sunday, September 25, 2005

a week in the Wallowas

Us the first day of our trip, notice how clean we gets dirty.

We spend this last week backpacking in the Wallowa Mountain range in NE Oregon (think border of WA, OR and ID). We packed in with us all the luxuries: freeze-dried meals, ultra light sleeping pads, 2 man tent, and our own personal security system...Joei. In all seriousness this was a luxury trip, we packed in altogether about 140 pounds worth of gear food and water (this is including Joei's pack as well). These pictures don't do the place justice, but hopefully you will get a feel for the beauty of the Wallowas.
The diversity of this place is outstanding, there are meadows, mountain passes, granite boulder fields, dense forests, rivers, lakes, is called "the Alps" of Oregon.
This is a mountain pass, Carper Pass to be specific. A stunning view of the valley we would camp in that night.
Our home for the week, a luxurious comfy least it looks that way to Joei.
Mirror Lake with a view of Eagle Cap.
Yes, it really did snow our last day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the history of the Labor Day...

Many people do not know the history of the "Labor Day". It all started way back in the factory/depression days when work was SO hard to find that you were grateful if you found it...regardless of what it was. So, all the workers worked Labor Day for free as a way to say "thank you" to their employers. Thank goodness that has changed, eh?

For our "thank you" to our employers, we spent the weekend at Smith Rock. This is becoming old hat to us, our default place to play. We of course had a good time and have some fun photos to share of this beautiful place.

View of the canyon from Misery Ridge trail.
Scotty and Joei at the top of Misery Ridge looking into the canyon.
Joei carries her own gear when we hike.