Sunday, September 30, 2007

i heart emma grace

So we don't actually have any cute pictures of us holding Emma because well, we haven't yet. Don't freak out, we really do love much in fact that we refrained from holding her because we don't want to get her sick...yeah thanks to Baby Chris (aka our flatmate) we are all sick now. Really bad timing because we are really excited to hold Emma. We did get to meet her already and she is AWESOME. She has super long hair that I am going to try to talk Jenn into letting me dread...just kidding.

So for all of you out there that think we haven't posted about Emma yet because we don't like babies, that is a lie, we LOVE Emma and can't wait to hang out with her for reals.

P.S. for Grandma Kelley, don't read too much in to the above statement, there are no planned babies in the immediate future for this Mr. and Mrs. Kelley.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. McNall

Beka and Alex are married and we were honored to be there to witness the show...and I do mean show. Being that they are both in entertainment it seemed only appropriate that their wedding was held in an old theater. Beka is a stunning bride.
Sealing the deal.
I love candle shots at receptions, what can I say?
Toasts and cutting the cake.
Mrs. McNall and Mrs. Kelley.
Crystal made her first bridal bouquet...not bad.
The theme was Old Hollywood......Scotty rocked the look with this classic black and white attire.Sparklers have become the new rice, here the sparkler bucket is actually on fire, a result of letting the groomsmen be in charge of the sparklers.
Hot couple...literally. Have fun in Aruba!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

we like to climb things

So with school starting up again, we had to get another trip in, so we did. We took a group of friends from Dox out climbing at Smith Rocks.
The weather was great and the company too.

Here Crystal is helping her climber by pointing to what she perceives is a good handhold. Ironically her climber's back is to her the whole time, good communication skills Crystal.
Here Scotty is owning the rock face, doesn't he look good?
Being short is hard because heights feel different than they do for normal people. Case in point Crystal is only a few feet off the ground and still she is grumpy. Remember the overall goal is...up.
Joei did some climbing of her own. This scramble took us all the way to the top of what we were climbing earlier with ropes. Kind of makes you wonder why we do it, eh?
Since we don't have a kid to post pictures of we like to use Joei instead, isn't she cute? Tired...but cute.
At at the end of of a long hard day of climbing all you need is love. Peace out, more adventures to come.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Beaver Nation

Well it's the first game of the season, speaking of seasons it's also hunting season, so what better time for Scotty to go hunting (pictures to come soon) and Crystal to go to a Beaver game with her brother?

Crystal and her brother, Brian, keeping warm with the sign-up-for-a-credit-card Beaver blankets.

Yvenson Bernard and the first Beaver touchdown of the night.
I see orange people...wish I had thought of that on my own.
Reser Stadium and a perfect Oregon summer evening.